Commissioner of the Revenue

Roles & Service

The commissioner of the revenue is a constitutional officer elected by the citizens of Dickenson County, serving four-year terms in office. He or she is elected to serve the citizens of the commonwealth by establishing the value of property for ad valorem taxes within Dickenson County and applying the tax rates established by the Dickenson County Board of Supervisors.


The Dickenson County commissioner of the revenue provides fair and equitable assessments for taxation as set forth by the Code of Virginia, Title 58 on Taxation and Dickenson County ordinances as adopted by the Board of Supervisors. The commissioner of the revenue's office is responsible for:

  • Assessments and audits of individual and business personal property
  • Assistance, preparation, and processing of Veterans Affairs (VA) State Income Tax returns for local citizens
  • Issuance, renewals, and audits of severance licenses
  • Real estate transfers and real estate tax relief administration

The Dickenson County commissioner of the revenue office also provides federal income tax return assistance and preparation for local citizens. This service is a voluntary service not required by law. No charge is made for preparation of, assistance in, preparing of, or processing of tax returns.

Additional Duties

The office also maintains the Real Estate Land Books and Personal Property Books, conducts valuations of new construction, maintains depletion records of the local minerals reserve, and collects severance revenue from coal and natural gas production.

  1. Linda Edwards

    Commissioner of Revenue

  2. Tammy Willis

    Chief Deputy

  3. Melissa Wood

    Master Deputy

  4. Pam Charles

    Master Deputy

  5. Emily Hall


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