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Tax Information
Real Estate Tax
Real estate is assessed as of January 1 of each year. Real estate taxes are billed annually with semiannual payments due by June 5 and December 5. A penalty of 5% and interest at 10% annually is added for late payments made after June 5 for the first half and December 5 for the second half. We accept partial payments and can assist you in setting up payment plans.

Personal Property Tax
Personal property is assessed as of January 1 and is due once a year by December 5. A penalty of 5% and interest at 10% annually is added for late payments made after December 5. Dickenson County does not prorate personal property taxes.

Personal property includes automobiles (cars and trucks), motorcycles, mobile homes, machinery and tools, business equipment (cash registers, computers, etc.) and merchant's capital.  The Treasurer’s Office accepts partial payments.

Definition of Tax
The most commonly associated duty of the Treasurer's Office is usually that of tax collection. Tax is defined as a contribution (usually monetary) for the support of a government required of persons, groups or businesses within the domain of that government.

State Income Tax
State income taxes are due by May 1 annually. The penalty of late payment is assessed at 6% per month beginning in May with an additional 6% per month up to a maximum of 30%. Also, interest is charged beginning after May 1 at a rate of 2% above the established Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rate.

Tax Credit
Credit on real estate and personal property for the elderly and disabled is available and applications must be filed with the Commissioner of the Revenue annually by March 15.

Estimated Income Tax
Filing and the first payment for estimated income taxes is due by May 1 annually. Payments are then due quarterly on: June 15, September 15 and January 15.

Dog License
Dog licenses expire annually on December 31. The new dog tags go on sale November 1 of each year. Rabies vaccination certificates should be presented to purchase a dog license. Fees are as follows:
$2.00 for a male, $2.00, female; $2.00, unsexed; $15.00, kennel; and $0.25 for duplicate tags. Any dog four months and older must have a County dog tag.

Computer Service
All records are on a computer system which provides for more efficient access of individual taxpayer records. The Treasurer and Commissioner of Revenue are linked to the State Tax Accounting & Reporting System (STARS) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Richmond which provide updated information on individual returns, change of addresses, etc. Rapid refunds for citizens receiving refunds from their state income taxes are processed via STARS.